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Published by Synchrony Books.
Saving the World
Dr R. Eric Swanepoel

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"A delicious mixture of messianic message, wicked satire, sweet romance and utter hilarity…”
    - Marian Van Eyk McCain in Resurgence magazine

• A romantic comedy that draws on Machiavelli to come up with a plan to bring the multinationals under control. The humorous antidote to neo-liberalism!

• Praised by Prof. Bruce K. Alexander, the author of The Globalisation of Addiction: A Study in Poverty of the Spirit and Tony Cook, the founder of Red Pepper and CEO of ABCtales, and in the Scottish Left Review, the Scottish Socialist Voice, Student Direct, the Veterinary Times and more...
Dr R. Eric Swanepoel is the founder of Synchrony Books (photo courtesy of Margaret Montgomery) BioWrite website
Saving the World
was written by
Dr R. Eric Swanepoel of BioWrite.

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