Dr R. Eric Swanepoel is the founder of Synchrony Books (photo courtesy of Margaret Montgomery) BioWrite website
Pet Hates
(The Shocking Truth
about Pets and Vets)

was written by
Josh Artmeier
aka Dr R. Eric Swanepoel
of BioWrite
Pet Hates
(The Shocking Truth
about Pets and Vets)

Josh Artmeier

Melanie Reid in The Herald:
"A quite wicked little book of veterinarian cynicism..."

Nick Thorpe in The Sunday Times,
Ecosse section:

"It was a dreich night at a greyhound stadium..."

Jayne Newton
in the Veterinary Times:

"He even calls in to question the whole basis of the profession itself..."
Alex Dickson
on Radio Clyde 2:

"Sneaky wee messages ... very, very amusing!"
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